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Attention collectors, museums, galleries!! Fine art  Christian  Masterpieces that haven't been exhibited till now! 

Oil painting "Jesus Christ is treating people" 

Paintings exhibited in this collection are NOT FOR SALE

"Conversation" -self  portrait painting of the Artist together with his Friend .

We believe that exhibited  pictures:" Jesus Christ is treating the people", "The last supper of Jesus Christ" and "The key of Jerusalem" are the best examples of Masterpieces  of  Vladimirs classic old style oil paintings and we hope that you  like them too!

"The last supper of Jesus Christ" oil on canvas

"The Key of Jerusalem" 

Exhibited in this gallery: classic old style Masters portraits from photos and origin To see new  Masters oil classic portraits ,the Masterpieces from artists collections or/and to see the museum quality old style copy of any famous Christian  icon -  you may connect to the artist Vladimir  who is considered to be one of the Masters artists painting  portraits. His art works are exhibited in famous art galleries all over the world.



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