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      Mosaics for Gorny convent of Russian ecclesiastical mission in Jerusalem by artists Mnev Vladimir and Youlia 

in 2009


                  Mosaics Elizabeth ,John Baptist                      Mosaics  Mary and Elizabeth                                       Mosaics  Zachary 

All exhibited here mosaics were made using original Jerusalem stones by artists Vladimir and Youlia in 2009 for

"Gorny convent of the Russian ecclesiastical mission in Jerusalem"

Moscow Patriarchate


Church in Jerusalem Gorny convent  Ein Karem inlaid mosaics by artists Vladimir and Youlia. This is the very place where Saint John the Baptist was born


 Mosaics " Christ " 

                  Mosaics  Saint John the Baptist                         Mosaics Zachary and Elizabeth                     Mosaics  Saint John the Baptist



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